Crystal Cruises

Reinventing luxury travel

For more than two decades, Crystal Cruises is the most sought-after luxury cruise brand in the world, providing top luxury travel experiences by sea, land, or air. However, with their rapid expansion of the brand portfolio, including two new luxury jets, they were looking to migrate from the historical travel agency model to direct self-service booking—putting incredible pressure on its web experience.

We provided them with a strategic vision for both the marketing site and the booking process. Combining rich, immersive content and insiders tips at just the right moment, guests get the feeling their journey has already begun. Thus, creating a transformative experience that fosters ongoing relationships and inspires new travelers.


Creative Direction
Experience Design
Content Strategy



The new streamlined booking journey only takes minutes. Afterward, guests have access to curated content and location-based virtual guides to enhance their experience.

Crystal Cruises is also expanding its fleet to the sky. The new design system and technology is a better, faster experience, allowing them to continue to embark on different modes of luxury travel.

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