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T-Mobile provides customized wireless plans centered around the unique needs of small to large businesses. Centered around the belief that customers are partners not vendors, they asked us to create an experience targeting the unique needs for business decision makers (BDMs) and key influencers.

Built around a new content strategy, our solution uses an editorial approach, allowing  customers to quickly scan content and dive deeper into what best suits their needs. Helping businesses overcome barriers in the decision-making process.


Creative Direction, Experience Design, Accessibility Testing, Rapid Prototyping, Design Guidelines, Team Management



Decrease in bounce rate


New email captures


Components built


Component variations

The site is built with a scalable design system built with flexible components, allowing content authors to no longer rely on developers and quickly create additional pages. To provide a differentiation from the magenta-heavy consumer experience, the new approach uses primary colors of black and gray, and reserves magenta for the calls-to-action and branded photography.

In partnership with the styleguide, the component guide is a reference document for content authors. It is meant to answer content creation and usage questions as well as serve as a tutorial for building a web page using components.

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