CoinFlex, a fintech startup based in Hong Kong offering innovative crytpto solutions and tools, was looking to overhaul its AMM (Automated Market Maker). AMMs allow customers to earn capital effortlessly by passively buying and selling assets based on how they think the market will perform. Our challenge was to expand the tool, streamline the order process, and introduce education thoughtfully while continuing to evolve the brand’s look and feel.

Partnering with Kettle and strategy lead Gray Blue, a new interactive range selector was created, allowing customers to set their market expectations and price range, with the previous market history visible to help guide their strategy. We also made it easier for customers to leverage their capital and potentially boost their gains using the newly redesigned leverage slider.

For customers new to crypto trading, contextual help is paired with each step, walking them through the process without breaking the order flow and forcing them to a “get help” portal.

Design Director, Design System, Experience Design

Multiple flows and explorations for desktop and mobile were explored including how a customer can onboard and engage with learning material.

A new style guide was created to introduce the new display font and color palette. Additionally, supporting CoinFlex's brand identity and ensuring consistency as the product evolves and new offers are introduced into the Flex ecosystem.

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